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Business Sessions & Voting

Assembly Delegates

According to the International General Assembly Minutes, “Members and ministers of the Church of God (16 years of age and above) present and registered at the International General Assembly shall comprise the voting constituency.”  Registered delegates receive a manual and a badge that must be displayed in order to vote in International General Assembly business sessions. Business sessions will be held in Halls H & I of the Indiana Convention Center (ICC).


All ordained bishops are required to register to be eligible to vote in International General Council sessions.  Questions regarding ministerial status or licensure should be directed to the Registration/Credential Committee in the registration area located at the main entrance of the ICC.

Ordained Bishop Lookup

Discovering the file number for an ordained bishop has never been easier with the introduction of This website provides a streamlined, user-friendly interface where individuals can quickly search for and retrieve the file numbers of ordained bishops. By simply entering the bishop’s last name, users can access file numbers to assist in voting process. Use the button below to begin using the tool.

Voting Results

Results of the electronic voting of the International General Council will be displayed towards the back of the main hall, Hall H.

Translation of Sessions

Translation services will be provided through UHF translation device. Languages expected to be available include Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. Delegates needing translation assistance may visit the General Assembly Translation Help Desk, located in the registration area.

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